Women’s Michael Kors Bags

A Michael Kors purse is a stylish and functional accessory that will enhance any outfit. This luxury brand’s collections are sophisticated and versatile, with bags in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your individual style. From a chic leather satchel to a cross-body bag in quilted tweed, you’ll find the perfect MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag to complete your look. For a professional occasion, choose a tote or doctor-style bag with lots of storage space, or for a night out on the town, opt for a clutch.

Michael Kors is the New York-based designer behind the namesake collection that bears his name. He began designing clothes as a teenager and turned his parent’s basement into a fashion boutique. He studied at FIT but dropped out to become the design director of Lothar’s, a Manhattan department store that merged with Bergdorf Goodman in 1981, just three years after he founded his namesake label. Kors is a master of classic American sportswear, and his designs have a touch of uptown glamour that never dates.

The label has grown to include two diffusion lines, Michael Kors Collection and MICHAEL Michael Kors, as well as a range of watches and perfumes. Each line has its own unique aesthetic, targeting different demographics. The Michael Kors Collection line is the highest end of the collection, with pieces that are shown during New York Fashion Week. MICHAEL Michael Kors has a younger energy and is designed to appeal to a more casual audience, with lower prices and a more sporty vibe.

In terms of quality, MICHAEL Michael Kors has a reputation for creating products that are of a high-end standard, but they may not be as luxurious as bags by other top brands, such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton. Unlike some other luxury brands, which keep their production costs low to maintain exclusivity, Michael Kors has expanded quickly, opening stores worldwide and hiring more staff. This can impact the overall quality of their bags and shoes.

As a result, some of their bags have a tendency to be a bit more plastic-y than those from other high-end brands. However, the company does make great use of fabrics and materials such as leather, python skin, suede and water snake skin. In addition, their leather goods are usually made in Italy for a high-quality finish. Whether or not you consider MICHAEL Michael Kors to be a luxury brand will depend on how much of an investment you are willing to make and how much you like the look of their items. But don’t worry, there are plenty of MICHAEL Michael Kors bags on sale to suit all budgets. michael kors bags women’s

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