What Are Electric Fans?

Electric fans are used to circulate air in a room to help keep the temperature down. They can be movable like desk and pedestal fans or fixed like ceiling mounted units. Some have blades that can be tilted to control the direction of airflow and some have oscillating features that allow the fan to sweep from side to side.

They are often part of a cooling system in computers as they not only cool the air but also blow it over components such as microchips, which can become dangerously hot without sufficient ventilation. They can even be found in the smaller sizes that are used to cool individual microchips.

Although there is evidence that the use of fans can help prevent heat-related illnesses, the benefits and harms of using them have not been fully evaluated. A recent Cochrane review (Bouchama et al, 2015) identified three observational studies that showed an association between the use of fans and mortality in a heatwave but the evidence is insufficient to support recommendations on the use of fans in public health policy and guidance.

Electric fans are available at most high street stores including Argos, Currys and Robert Dyas. They can also be purchased online from many big retailers including Amazon and Dunelm. They can be purchased from as little as PS20 for a desktop model. Some fans come with smart features such as Wi-Fi connectivity enabling them to be controlled remotely or by voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. electric fans

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