Vietnam travel – top 5 breathtaking rendezvous

Vietnam has long become one of the most fascinating destinations alluring the great number of both domestic and international tourists. Tourists participating in Vietnam travel will have an opportunity to explore the pristine and ancient beauty of architectural works,

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 immerse in the charming natural scenery and discover the unique customs and habits of the locals here. The long coastlines, colorful life of the people along with unique culinary will be unforgettable experiences when tourists once set foot on the beautiful country. 5 following breathtaking rendezvous in Vietnam will surely satisfy tourists. Halong Bay – the most magnificent rocky island The landscape here is eroded by the wind and waves. Emerging from the shallow waters of Gulf of Tonkin is thousands of limestone islands, the towering monoliths along the precarious islands. Halong Bay is regarded as the enormous and extremely vivid ink-washing painting. The credibly unique names of islands and caves here are based on the shape of the islands showing the rich imagination of sailors, namely Cho Da (Stone Dog) Islet, Ngon Tay (Finger) Islet or Trinh Nu (Virgin) Cave… Thanks to the abundant system of caves concentrated in the center of the heritage, Halong Bay deserves one of the most bewitching tourist destinations in Vietnam tour packages annually alluring the large number of both domestic and international tourists. Hanoi – explore the urban life On rush hours in Hanoi, almost all of streets and the Old Quarter of the city are filled with hundreds of bikes. Hanoi city is not older along with the ruins of temples and the longstanding labyrinth streets. Hanoi is currently undergoing the extremely strong transformation to become a modern metropolis of Asia in the 21st century. Inside Hanoi Old Quarter, the ancient temples are adjacent the noisy karaoke bars, booths of nostalgic old artisans are interspersed with modern toy stores. It is unique characteristics that have brought Hanoi to become one of the must-see tourist Vietnam destinations in the journey of discoveringVietnam tour. Hanoi, the interference of the old values interweaving with the modern life has still maintained its own particular characteristics that nowhere else can be found in Vietnam. Sapa – best venue for those who love walking The dense fog in the early morning on Sapa, the villages, mountains or forests looming in the cloud are the highlight of Sapa tourism attracting tourists. At the end of the cloud is the majestic Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. It is the magnificent scenery representing extraordinary beauty of the highlands in Asia and reminding tourists of mountainous landscapes endlessly stretching. Above is the majestic green mountainous peaks. Here, the fertile rice terraces run along the hillside, which are neat as origami folds. Sapa is the town whose weather can quickly change – it sometimes is dense fog, bright sun, sometimes rainy and even appears snow. Sapa retains all 4 seasons within one day surely strongly leaving unforgettable impressions to tourists in mind. Sapa is now known as a trail for those who love to take a stroll and explore high mountainous passes. Tourists will have the opportunity to discover the villages of ethnic people or find it easy to catch a bamboo irrigation bringing the water down the hillside to irrigate the rice fields. 하노이 황제 투어

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