Understanding Probate in Ontario

In Ontario, probate is a legal process that verifies and validates a deceased person’s will. This procedure is essential for settling the estate by ensuring the will is authentic and appointing an executor to carry out its instructions.

Probate Process in Ontario

The process begins with the executor applying to the court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with a Will, commonly known as probate. This application includes submitting the original will and a list of assets and liabilities of the deceased. The court reviews these documents to confirm the validity of the will and the executor’s appointment.

Purpose and Importance

Probate serves several critical purposes. Firstly, it provides legal authority to the executor to manage and distribute the deceased person’s estate as per the terms outlined in the will. Secondly, it acts as a form of protection for third parties dealing with the estate, ensuring they are dealing with a duly authorized representative.challenge a will

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