Tube Ice Machine

An ice machine is either a consumer device for making ice inside a freezer or a stand-alone appliance that makes ice on a larger scale. The terms ice maker, icemaker and even the song by Depeche Mode have become synonymous with “ice machine”. This article describes a type of commercial or industrial ice machine that makes tube shaped ice.

A tube ice machine uses the water-cooled evaporator system to produce a very hard and durable form of ice called tube ice. This ice is very suitable for use in the food industry and can also be used as an alternative to cube ice in some applications. It is also very suitable for bar use.

The machine works by forcing cold water through a series of tubes into an insulated basin, where it is frozen. The ice is then mechanically discharged and stored in an ice bin. The ice bin has an insulated lid to keep it from melting until needed, and many machines also come with a scoop for manual harvesting. Once the ice fills the bin, it pushes up a wire arm, which shuts off the ice maker. The ice machine can then be restarted by the operator to begin producing more ice.

Most tube ice machines use an electronic thermostat to control the ice production cycle and to automatically switch between a float sensor or pressure gauge and a temperature sensor, depending on the operating conditions. The temperature sensor controls the ice production according to the ambient temperature and a timer is usually included to ensure that the ice is produced only when required.

These ice machines can produce up to 10 tons of ice per day and are suitable for heavy-duty use. They are built using quality components and are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. They are capable of producing a large volume of ice at high speed with minimal maintenance and energy consumption. These machines can be used in many applications such as fish freezing, beverage bottle cooling and chilling, and catering services.

In addition to the features mentioned above, a good ice machine should have an easy to use control panel and be able to produce a large amount of ice at a reasonable cost. It should also be very easy to maintain and repair. This will help to avoid costly downtime and allow for better utilization of the ice machine.

If your ice machine starts heating up while it is making ice, you should unplug the unit and call a professional. This is not a normal phenomenon and may indicate that the unit needs to be serviced or has a serious problem. You should not open the unit, as this could cause damage and invalidate the warranty. A qualified technician will be able to diagnose the problem and determine if it is a mechanical or electrical issue. In some cases, it is a simple fix and the professional can perform repairs without any damage to your equipment.

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