The Talking Avatar and Web Trust

A talking avatar is a computer-generated character that can produce speech. These characters can be used as a virtual guide or presenter for a website, a representation of the user in a game, or even as a tool to jazz up your content. There are a variety of software programs that can be used to create a talking avatar, such as Adobe Character Animator (formerly CrazyTalk), which offers a diverse selection of 3D characters and backgrounds.

While the non-interactive talking avatar’s role as a proximate messenger of product information may have enhanced the credibility of website trusts for male users, this talker’s monologue negatively affected the perceived authenticity and patronage intention of female participants. This is attributed to the difference in information processing strategy of both genders, as women are more susceptible to socio-emotive aspects of website design. This is also reflected in previous research, which found that women have greater propensity for detailed and analytical processing of information than men.

However, the short duration of the talker’s exposure may have prompted evanescent psychological and behavioural effects in participants. This is a limitation of this study, and future studies should employ longitudinal designs to examine the impact of talking avatars on user perceptions and behavioural responses. In addition, the effect of familiarity with talking avatars should be examined to determine whether it modifies their influence on web-based shopping attitudes and behaviours. For example, repeated exposures to the same avatar might lead users to develop expectations of its affable personality, and hence, lessen its impact on perceived authenticity and patronage intentions. talking avatar

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