The Past and Future of Vacuum Excavation

The large trucks that you are seeing beside the road, with pipes inside holes. This is actually called vacuum excavation trucks. This are trucks that are digging holes in the ground, making use of high-speed water and a vacuum that is sucking all the water and debris back up.

Over the past couple of years, the vacuum excavation has changed. Not only in how the trucks operated, but also in how the trucks look, work, and the different services that they are offering now. It is quite interesting to see how the trucks looked in the past, and what we can expect them to become in the near future. This is some information about the past and future of vacuum trucks. 

Firstly, what is vacuum excavation

The first thing that you might want to know is what is a vacuum excavation truck. And, what are these trucks doing? Vacuum excavation trucks are trucks that are being used to dig holes for different reasons. These holes can be at many different depts and it can be at a different width. The one thing that will always stay the same is that when the hole is getting dug, there isn’t much of a mess afterward.

This is because of the vacuum excavation process. The vacuum that is sucking up the debris and water as the hole is getting made. 

The past of vacuum excavation

When you are looking at how the hydro vacuum excavations were years ago, then you will see that the main function of the process didn’t change. Meaning that the whole was still dug, using the truck, and the water and debris were still sucked up. However, the equipment was old-fashioned and not as modern as what it is today.

Mostly these trucks were used for drain blockage. A lot more drain blockage services were handled than hole digging. The hole digging came a bit later when water drilling started. The whole process was slower than what we know today.

The present of vacuum excavation

Today, vacuum excavation is a bit more modern. It provides the same service, but with faster results. The whole process is now safer and can be used to dig more holes per day. The trucks septic tanks are also now larger.

Meaning that it can take a lot more water and debris before it needs to be emptied and before it can be used again for vacuum excavation. Fewer workers will be needed to operate the truck like a couple of years ago. The truck is also now using better technology to make the excavation and to suck up the debris. 

And, the future of vacuum excavation 

What will the future hold for the vacuum excavation trucks? More technology, more computerized, and fewer workers to operate the truck. This means fewer dangers and risks for the workers. The truck’s septic tank will become larger and the whole look will change. But, we will need to wait until that day, to say for sure how the vacuum excavation trucks are going to change. And, if it is going to change at all.

The past and future of vacuum excavation. No matter how the trucks were, they are now or might be in the future. The one thing will remain the same. That hole digging will be a lot easier than ever before. With pressurized water drilling and vacuuming of the water and debris, this will always stay the best way to drill holes in the ground without the mess afterward. Especially when it comes to larger holes that are making a huge mess at the end of the day. zemní práce

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