The Cornerstone of Quantum Hypnosis

Quantum hypnosis is a healing technique that utilizes deep relaxation and trance to connect with your Inner Being (sometimes called your Higher Self, your Spirit, your God Self) to receive information and guidance on a variety of topics. The goal is to help you heal your soul, resolve emotional burdens and gain a greater understanding of your life purpose.

The cornerstone of quantum hypnosis is past life regression. During a QHHT session, you’ll explore your past lives, learn about life lessons and karmic relationships, and discover how to take the best parts of these past experiences into your present. It’s also common for chronic physical pain or illness to be dissolved during this portion of the session.

During the second part of a QHHT session, your Practitioner will ask your Subconscious – which can be thought of as your inner wisdom, intuition or “Higher Self” – any questions you may have. The answers you receive are based on your Subconscious’s overall knowledge and will include the root cause of your issue, as well as healing options.

Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in past life regression and a renowned hypnosis practitioner who died in 2014, developed the QHHT technique over decades of work with thousands of clients. Her research led her to recognize that everyone has the ability to use hypnosis to connect with their highest spiritual self for the purpose of receiving healing and other life-enhancing information. The sessions she conducted were often transformational.

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