The Best Disaster Recovery Solutions

Whether it’s due to a natural disaster, power outage or a malicious attack like ransomware, businesses cannot afford downtime. This is why the best disaster recovery solutions, also known as DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), help ensure that business continuity is not interrupted by any unforeseen event. These tools are designed to back up and replicate your IT systems, facilitating seamless transfer of data and programs in the case of a disaster. They are able to recover your IT infrastructure within the specified time frame and ensure complete restoration of business processes, applications, systems, and data.

DR software works by copying your IT environment to a secure UK data centre, where it’s stored as virtual machine backups. It is then restored at the point of a disaster to a different site, and your IT team can get things back up and running within a few minutes. This way, your organization can avoid a significant amount of downtime and resume business operations as usual without the need to invest in costly hardware or IT personnel.

The DRaaS solution from AWS boasts of ‘no-fault tolerance’, meaning that it is able to handle any kind of failure that can occur in your IT infrastructure. It is a scalable solution and comes with advanced tools like bare metal recovery, VM-based recovery, application-consistent backup, hardware snapshot, granular restore, and local/remote virtual standby. Its patented recovery technology can detect outages and immediately kickstart your IT systems, making it a reliable tool to protect mission-critical data from any disaster.

Its granular restore capabilities allow you to restore files, folders, and applications even from previous versions of an app. This makes Carbonite a good choice for IT professionals who need to keep track of changes and updates. Its cloud storage capability allows you to access your backed-up data from any device, anywhere. It is a good option for those who want to reduce their IT costs as it offers several different plans, including a free plan that supports unlimited file restores.

Originally named Bluelock, InterVision’s DRaaS is now available under its own brand name, and it’s one of the most reliable options for large and mid-sized businesses. It has been engineered to meet strict recovery time objectives, and it uses a high-performance architecture that allows for failover and replication. It is a great option for customers with on-premises Windows and Linux systems, as well as those who work in hybrid environments.

This cloud-based disaster recovery software has a simple interface that helps you get up and running quickly. It is easy to use and features a single dashboard for monitoring all aspects of your disaster recovery program. It also includes automated backups and cloud restoration, which is a big plus for small businesses. It has a few drawbacks, however, such as lack of support for VMware and Linux. It is also slightly more expensive than some other tools on this list. Nevertheless, it is still a good option for those looking for a comprehensive solution. best disaster recovery solutions

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