Sub Zero Refrigerator Not Cooling – Refrigerator Repair Help

Freezing fridges have two separate blowers, one for the cooler and the other for the fridge.rv fridge fan

Freezing Fridge no cool prospects:

-Filthy/obstructed condenser loop
-Imperfect condenser fan engine
-Thaw out thermostat(Located on cooler evaporator)
-Spilling evaporator

Spilling evaporator occupation’s make up for the vast majority of our Freezing no cool grumblings. After some time the evaporator will separate and the freon that is inside will gradually spill out. At the point when this happens you might begin to see you need to turn the control increasingly cold.

Another sign is on the off chance that you notice ice in the upper left hand corner in the fridge. At the point when freon spills out it will make an ice ball on the fine cylinder, thusly making noticeable ice on the back board of the fridge. This maintenance ought to just be finished by an expert confirmed CFC professional. To deal with freon you should be guaranteed.

Freezing condenser fan engines will frequently come up short, while doing so it will make a no cool condition. To check the activity of the condenser fan engine eliminate the barbecue gathering.

There are a few screws rolling in from the base side of the of the barbecue once eliminated the barbecues top will pull forward and uncover two springs, eliminate the springs and barbecue will take off. Certain Freezing fridge’s and cooler’s barbecue’s are taken out by lifting straight up on the board, the bolt goes slide away from the metal section.

With the barbecue set securely far removed, you will see the fan engine in the center up top. The fan is arranged in the center, this empowers the fan to cool both the blower and the condenser.

The fan ought to be running at whatever point the blower is turned on, assuming that the blower is running so should the fan. On the off chance that the comp is running and the fan isn’t you without a doubt have a bombed fan engine.

To check this utilization a volt meter and test the two wires going to the condenser fan engine, there ought to be 110v present.

You might find the unit is thaw out mode when you access through the board, if so you can basically propel the clock into cool mode. To really do so bend the middle piece of the clock with a little screwdriver. The middle will turn accordingly sending the fridge into cool mode. You ought to hear the blowers and fan in the cooler running when the unit enters cool mode, the condenser fan engine ought to likewise be running.

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