Plastic Surgeon: Ask Your Doctor Specific Questions

A plastic surgeon can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. You might choose to have minor changes to your appearance. For example,

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 you might wish to have the mildest, least invasive face lift or you could desire a lift that will help smooth over deeper wrinkles and help correct loose, hanging skin. When you discuss your beauty goals with your doctor, your doctor will most likely suggest the least invasive procedure for your needs.

A deeper plane lift can smooth over deeper wrinkles rather than wrinkles that are superficial. When you consider having any type of surgery, you should consider the risks, and be sure to research them, so you will have a starting point of questions to ask your plastic surgeon. Many of your questions might be questions that the doctor has answered time and again. Do not be embarrassed to ask questions related to your procedure. Your doctor should patiently answer your questions, giving you realistic answers. It is important that your doctor lets you know when a procedure or a technique will not be safe for you. You will know that you can trust your doctor, because the doctor is taking your health into consideration.

You will probably want to know how long you will be in the hospital or medical facility for your procedure. You are also likely to want to know how you will look. Your doctor should explain the length of time that you will probably wear bandages. You should be prepared to wait for the bandages to be removed. Your doctor will have to tell you how the procedure went following your surgery when you wake up, because you might not be able to see the results. Some procedures will require that the plastic surgeon places drains in the area. Be sure to ask your doctor about these drains, because you do not want to be surprised and uncertain about their appearance.
You should also ask your doctor about the placement of the incisions. You might also want to know how large the incisions will be. You can always ask your doctor for an example of the size and the placement for the incisions.

The doctor might also explain why the incisions will be placed in certain areas. With a positive surgical outcome, the scars will heal well and fade so that they could not be seen. If you have the opportunity to see photos of the doctor’s work, ask where the incisions have been placed, and see if they are visible in the photos.

Your doctor should let you know how long the recovery process should last. You should also discuss the stages associated with the recovery process. It is important that you know what to expect when it is time to heal. Be sure to listen to the doctor’s instructions. If the doctor insists that you have bed rest for a certain number of days, you should rest, even if you feel as though you can do more. If the doctor suggests that you move around soon after the procedure, you need to move around as the doctor requests.

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