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Paint correction near me is a labor intensive process that removes swirl marks, blemishes and scratches in the clear coat and paint on a vehicle to restore it to a smooth, shiny, defect-free finish. This is achieved through the use of a variety of polishing compounds, pads and machines to produce a high-gloss that looks like a brand new car when viewed in direct sunlight.

A properly corrected and protected painted surface is easy to wash, super reflective with sharp, clean, and bright reflections. It also helps protect your investment by reducing the need for future costly body shop repairs or refinishing. A premium ceramic coating can be added to your paint correction service and when topped with one of our protective products it is guaranteed to last up to lifetime!

Scratches on the paint surface are known as “swirls” and are caused by unclean washing or detailing tools that cause unwanted particles to make abrasive contact with the painted surface of your car. This leads to a spider web like appearance that deflects light and is very eye catching. This type of damage is extremely difficult to repair without risking the loss of too much surface paint or clear coat, therefore, preventing it from occurring in the first place is the best option.

The most common type of scratches on a vehicle are swirls which are caused by improper washing or the use of dirty cloths during the car wash process. This type of scratch can be a very annoying visual defect that is very easy to create but very hard to fix without the help of a professional.

Even brand new vehicles can have these defects due to dealerships using fast and cheap methods to prep the cars for sale. This will often leave a buffing trail or buffer trail which is what causes the swirls and blemishes. If these are left on the surface of your vehicle they will eventually wash away and become visible again.

Swirls, etching and water spots can all be removed with the right combination of equipment and techniques that will not risk damaging too much clear or surface paint. This is why it is important to take the time and hire a detailer who has experience in this type of work and can provide you with a quality job that will not lead to any further issues in the future.

We offer both single and multi-step paint correction services. The entry level single stage correction will remove about 40%-70% of all swirl marks and blemishes and will restore your car to a very visually appealing state. The more comprehensive multi-step paint correction will remove about 85%-95% of all the remaining swirls and blemishes as well as oxidation and water spots. Both of these services are a great way to restore your vehicle and will greatly increase the value of your car at resale. Once your vehicle has been professionally corrected we recommend adding a ceramic coating to your paint correction service. This will protect your paint from the elements and will significantly reduce future need for correction in the future.

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