Montreal Home Care Service

Montreal home care service is a network of qualified and experienced Caregivers, who are ready to help you with all your senior’s needs. They offer a variety of services from cleaning, to companionship, to respite. All of our Caregivers have been carefully selected and are trusted, insured and bonded. They’re here to provide your loved one with the best care available in their community.

Choosing a caregiver for your senior is an important decision and our team of experts will guide you through the process. Once you’ve registered with us, you’ll have access to a wide range of Caregivers from across the city and the surrounding areas. Each of these Caregivers has their own unique qualifications, experience and ratings. You can easily compare them before deciding on which one is the right match for your loved one.

The best part of our platform is that you don’t have to deal with any middleman and all the fees are handled directly with each Caregiver. All payments are made online using your credit card and once you’ve reserved a Caregiver, the money is put in escrow until they accept or refuse the booking. You can keep in touch with your Caregiver through our mobile app any time during the booking window.

Our Caregivers are all experienced, professional, dependable and honest. They have been interviewed in person and reference checked. They are fully insured and bonded, which is a big plus for peace of mind.

Quality home care is a key element of aging in place and can make a huge difference to the quality of your loved one’s life. At Qualicare Toronto and Mississauga, our care team is trained to bring a level of compassion and care that can be hard to find in the hospital setting.

Our Home Care Experts will work with you to understand your family’s needs, and they’ll coordinate a team of local health practitioners and caregivers who are committed to providing exceptional care. Our team includes many registered nurses who are experts in home and health care, and can answer your questions regarding medical treatments or medications, as well as the resources that are available in your community.

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