Laifen Swift Hair Dryer Review

The Laifen Swift looks and feels like a high-end hair dryer, but it costs far less. Its elegant design, simple button interface and gentle heat settings make it a fantastic competitor to much more expensive models. It also nudges high-speed negative ion hair drying technology into a pricing tier that more people will consider, especially since its motor spins at 110,000 rpm and produces an air speed of 21m per second. At full blast, the Swift emits just 59 decibels of noise, which should allow you to work without disturbing your partner or children while still being able to do your hair quickly.

A streamlined interface features only two buttons: one to select your desired temperature setting and another to turn the dryer on or off. The temperature setting is confirmed by an LED ring around the rear of the barrel that glows blue, yellow or red depending on your selected setting. This little touch is a nice touch that helps elevate the Swift to something more than a standard hair dryer, and the fact that you can cycle through each of the three heat settings with a single long press on the button makes it easy to find your preferred setting.

Laifen’s proprietary Thermo Control technology safeguards your hair from damage by alternating between hot and cold air streams, compensating for excessive heat and preventing dryness or frizz. This combined with a powerful 110,000 rpm digital brushless motor that generates strong airflow with a wind speed of up to 22m/s accelerates your hair drying time by up to 2x, and 200 million negative ions boosts shine and smoothness while reducing frizz for salon-quality results. laifen hair dryer

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