How to Choose the Best Thermal Paste for Your CPU

The right thermal paste can make or break your CPU’s performance. The best thermal paste can lower your CPU’s temperatures by ensuring that there is an optimal amount of heat transfer between the processor and the cooler. Whether you’re just looking to tweak your computer’s performance or you’re building a new PC, the proper thermal compound can help. There are plenty of thermal paste options out there from brands like Arctic, Noctua, and Thermal Grizzly. It’s important to choose the right one based on your needs and budget.

The XTM50 is Corsair’s high-performance paste that comes with an applicator stencil and spreader. This makes the application process much easier for beginners and first-time PC builders. Despite this, it does not perform as well as some of the higher-end options on this list. However, it’s a great choice for those who want an affordable option that can get the job done.

This high-performance thermal paste is a top pick for most benchmarks. It has a good thermal conductivity rating and does not dry out or oxidize. It also offers a generous amount of product that can last for years without needing reapplication. The only downside is that it requires high mounting pressure for proper adhesion.

The Kryonaut is a highly recommended thermal paste for both gamers and enthusiasts. It is an ideal choice for those who need a higher-performance thermal compound but don’t have the budget to go for something as premium as the Noctua NT-H2. It’s not as expensive as the NF-Z9Xtreme+ and does an excellent job of keeping the temperature stable.

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