How to Build Muscles

Muscle Building
When you want to build muscles, it’s important to understand what makes them grow. As the old cliche says, “no pain, no gain.” Your muscles will not get bigger unless you push them to the point of fatigue and beyond. That means sinking deep into a squat or getting that fearsome stretch on your chest during push-ups and bench presses. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings you can get in a gym and it helps you feel stronger, both mentally and physically.

Muscle growth occurs through a process known as hypertrophy. To trigger this, muscle tissue must be overloaded with more resistance or exercise stress than it’s used to handling. This overload causes injury to the muscles, which triggers a metabolic response that builds muscle mass. The three primary factors for muscle growth are training, diet and rest.

To train effectively, start with a basic workout routine that targets each major muscle group three to four times a week. You can use weight machines, barbells or free weights, but if you’re new to weight lifting, it’s best to work with a trainer to help you avoid injury.

Then, slowly add more weight to the bars or dumbbells each time you do a set. Over time, you should be able to do eight or more reps of any exercise before feeling the burn. You can also switch up your tempo, performing slower reps to increase muscle endurance and faster reps for more strength-building. Bygga muskler

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