How Fire Damage Repair Works

Fire damage can be one of the most traumatic experiences for property owners. Oftentimes, families find that their prized possessions are destroyed, and businesses must deal with a lack of productivity due to the loss of inventory. Fortunately, fire damage repair can limit the amount of damage done by this disaster and help people get their lives back to normal.

The first thing a restoration company will do is inspect the site and test for the presence of smoke residues, mold, and other contaminants. After they identify the contaminants and determine the proper cleaning methods, the company will begin its work. They will use sumps and extraction tools to remove standing water caused by firefighting efforts, dry the remaining structures, and deodorize the area. The team will also inspect and sanitize any furniture that is salvageable.

During the restoration process, contractors will replace any drywall that was soaked during firefighting efforts. The drywall is important because it supports the structure of a home or business. It is important to replace this drywall as soon as possible because it will harbor mold if left untreated. Additionally, the contractor will replace any ceiling tiles that were charred or covered with soot.

Smoke residues can discolor porous materials, including drywall and some types of stone like marble. They can also cause metal hardware to rust or corrode. As such, it is essential to have a professional clean these areas as soon as the building is deemed safe for entry. fire damage repair

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