Eequipment wear and types of repairs

Severe climatic conditions in mines and at open pits influence on the service life of pump and coal pump units.

High air humidity, as well as thermal shocks cause changes in winding resistance of electric machines and spools of trigger units. Ice plugs occur in hydraulic transport units, as well as in the water supply system at low temperatures in winter; they may cause breakdowns of weld joints and valves of pipelines. The hydraulic fluid in ground pumps and coal pumps freeze under the influence of low temperature, forms a leak-tight crust which may be warmed only by hot water or steam. The deposit generation inside pumps causes additional wear of impellers and seals due to the flow rate increase and solids carry-over. Natural wear is connected with continuous contact of pump unit parts with the contaminated water or hydraulic fluid flow. Major wear is observed in O-rings which separate the pump stages, as well as in discharge devices. Impellers and seals are subjected to the greatest wear in ground and coal pumps. To this end, the timely inspection and replacement of worn parts allow keeping the basic parameters of pumps and coal pumps within the operating area of characteristics and avoiding an emergency failure. Such failure, for example, thrust bearings may cause sharp increase of the axial force and motor failure.

A pump unit operator or dispatcher shall control carefully the operation of the water drainage, hydraulic lift or ground pump station when maintaining automated pump stations. All faults in the coal pump, pump and ground pump operation shall be recorded in a special log. For this purpose, a book shall be kept in the pump and hydraulic lift chamber or in the ground pump cab. Book or log records are the important grounds for planning scopes and establishing terms of various types of repairs.

A correctly built repair system ensures timely control of pump equipment serviceability for further operation.

Each type of equipment (water drainage, hydraulic lift, ground pump) in operation shall have a schedule of preventive repairs. best portable pump

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