Eat Your Way To Healthy Beautiful Skin & Hair – The Power of Superfoods

There are two ways you can feed your body. Yes, it’s true. The first way is through your mouth and the second way is through your skin. Some people fail to realize the importance of eating wholesome, healthy, natural and organic foods. This can clearly be seen each time you go to the grocery store and look at the abundance of poor food choices too many Americans make each time they buy food. Likewise many don’t realize that the products they use on their skin get absorbed into the body. Skin absorption is so effective that an increasing number of medicines and birth control are in patch form (which is applied to the skin). Applying products to your skin is no different from eating them. Why? Because they enter the bloodstream regardless if they are ingested in the mouth or absorbed through the skin. However, the absorption rate for the skin is slower when compared to consuming something orally. Now you can see how important it is to buy natural and organic food, skin care and hair care products—these types of products are usually free of pesticides, chemicals and toxic ingredients and often contain healthy ingredients from nature that have many nutrients in them.

Many people supplement their diet with vitamins or other dietary supplements to ensure that they get sufficient daily nutrients. Holistic Living & Health,, has several all natural vegan high nutrient rich dietary supplements that are extremely rich in Superfoods. The Phyto-Eats Green Essentials, Phyto-Eats Maca Noni and Healthy Hair Growth Enhancer (which can be found at our sister web site contain an abundant amount of high quality Superfoods. Superfoods are a group of wholesome foods that pack a nutritious punch. In addition, they contain an exceptionally high nutrient content when compared to other foods and are known for their health enhancing benefits. Medical professionals say that Superfoods can help people feel more energetic, provide protection against disease and promote a healthy lifestyle now and for the future. Some of the phytonutrients (“phyto” means plant) found in our all natural wholefood based Superfood dietary supplements are a class of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, normalizing/balancing properties, phytochemicals, immunity enhancing nutrients, alkaline properties that help balance acidic foods like coffee, alcohol, sugar and meat in addition to enzymes (which help eliminate and/or reduce chemically active oxygen molecules thought to contribute to aging, disease and chronic ailments). Some of the most effective and powerful Superfoods are used in these products for their many beneficial attributes to the body, skin and hair. These special superfoods include chlorella, wheatgrass, barely grass, alfalfa leaf, spirulina, maca root and noni fruit. To see pictures of what these wonderful gifts from nature look like and to read a detailed description and benefits of each visit [].

Our hair and skin requires a wide array of daily nutrients to help the body operate properly and for overall health. Eating many different types of colorful fresh organic vegetables and fruits is a good way to ensure your body gets the broad spectrum of nutrients needed for energy, balance and good health. However, it is important to understand that most people often destroy many of the vitamins and other nutrients in their vegetables when they cook them. Why? This is because heat destroys the “living” nutrients that are in our vegetables, fruits and other foods. By eating more of your vegetables (and fruits) raw you can increase the amount of living nutrients you consume on a daily basis. Learning new ways to prepare your vegetables that are tasty and appealing yet healthy can be a rewarding experience and in time your body will thank you in ways like healthier looking skin, stronger hair that grows more, increased energy and improved health. Lip balm

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