Customizable Polo Shirts – Why Should A Company Brand Their Business With Customizable Polo Shirts?

Why are customizable polo shirts so popular? Simply put, they are affordable, versatile, and can serve many different purposes. The popularity of this style of sport shirts and golf shirts has never been greater. It’s hard to go a single day without seeing someone on the job, at a local event, at a sporting venue, even at home wearing a customized shirt. Because of their growing popularity many manufacturers have developed new materials and colors to fit just about any corporate budget at a wide variety of price ranges.

Many of these golf shirts come with a coordinating ladies style to further expand the options being worn in the workplace today by both men and women. At the corporate level, many companies, large and small, purchase polo shirts with their branding to give their company a uniform look company as well as gain brand exposure and recognition wherever they are worn. Decorating a the shirt with embroidery gives the shirt a high perceived value, is clean, permanent and projects a quality image.

With the added choices of materials such as organic cotton, spandex, bamboo rayon, and recycled polyester there is a huge selection of choices offering just the right look, feel, and performance needed from the shirt. Some of these custom sport shirts have extreme performance properties built right into the material that allows the wearer to feel cleaner and fresher all day.

Here are 3 outstanding benefits:

  • Antimicrobial – built-in antimicrobial properties limit bacterial growth, prevent odors, and maintain the garment’s freshness.
  • Easy care (wrinkle free) – with easy care fabrics, you can wash, dry and never have to iron because the fabrics stay wrinkle free. What a difference this makes in the average household today!
  • Moisture wicking – The wicking allows vapor to move to the outer surface for quick evaporation

With the increase in popularity of customizable polo shirts there is also an increase of name brand garments available to the promotional products industry as well. Brands like: IZOD, Ashworth, Columbia, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and Ping are making a huge statement at the corporate level. Everywhere you turn, you see more and more name brands like these being utilized in the decorated shirt market.

One thing is certain, with the popularity and momentum of customizable polo shirts, they are here to stay. Golf shirts or embroidered polo shirts are a part of today’s lifestyle and are being worn as every day attire, company uniform shirts, school uniform shirts for children, corporate branding identification, and special events of all kinds. These can be a great way to brand any business or organization in a very noticeable way. bamboo pajamas womens

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