Choosing the Right Medical Office Furniture

When it comes to picking office furniture for any commercial setting, style is important, but so are practicalities. Medical offices, especially, must take into consideration patient safety and comfort as well as the needs of healthcare workers who will use the furniture in daily operations. With a few simple tips, however, it’s possible to balance aesthetics with functionality and durability when choosing medical office furniture for waiting rooms and exam suites.

Patient safety takes precedence in any healthcare environment, so durable medical furniture that will stand up to frequent use and rigorous cleaning requirements is essential. Look for units that feature non-porous surfaces such as laminate and vinyl over wood and leather to prevent the growth of bacteria. Likewise, opt for healthcare vinyl and Crypton upholstery in waiting room chairs over traditional fabric to ensure bacteria-inhibiting cleaning.

Sturdy waiting room chairs help patients and visitors relax as they wait for an appointment. Choose from Lesro and HPI brands for comfortable seating in small and large waiting areas that can seat a wide range of guest sizes. Complement the look of waiting room chairs with side and end tables to hold magazines for guests or a spot to set a drink. Include a few hand-sanitizer dispensers to keep germs at bay and encourage guests to wash their hands prior to entering the waiting room.

Similarly, ergonomically designed healthcare office chairs support staff members during long shifts at their desks. Select task chairs with adjustable features such as tilt, armrests and lumbar support to reduce fatigue and promote health. For exam rooms and treatment spaces, consider drafting stools with screw adjustments to delight pediatric patients or pneumatic adjustment that lets medical practitioners sit or lie down at the push of a button.

In exam rooms, stow away supplies with exam table tray shelves and casters that fit seamlessly on hospital furniture for efficient storage. Keep additional supply trays and paper drapes nearby for quick access during patient exams.

Equip the rest of your medical office with versatile healthcare furniture to suit any space. Store files and documents in a variety of styles including mobile lateral file cabinets and compact shelving. Add a few reversible desks for flexible workspaces and a few ergonomically-designed workstation chairs that accommodate the unique needs of individual practitioners. Choose from a variety of high-quality healthcare furniture at Worthington Direct to meet all your patient and medical office furniture needs. Cabinet médical mobilier

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