Choosing a Machining Parts Supplier

Choosing a supplier that can provide the right machining parts in the required quantity is critical for product development. Having to order additional quantities can be costly in terms of time, money and quality. This is especially true in the case of high-precision machining where tight tolerances and consistent surface finishes are required. Taking the time to research your options and select the most qualified supplier is worth the effort when it comes to maintaining an efficient supply chain that ensures you can meet your customer’s needs.

machining parts supplier are far more robust than their molded counterparts, which have thin walls that are limited in their mechanical performance. This makes them suitable for many applications that would not be possible with a molded part. Machined parts also have a far superior surface finish compared to 3D printed parts, which often require extensive post-processing to remove the visible layer lines and blemishes that result from the printing process.

Many machined parts can be produced with a lower minimum order quantity (MOQ) than molded parts, making them suitable for small production runs and prototyping. This means that R&D departments can quickly iterate on a new design and conduct any testing or assessment required before moving to full production.

Some suppliers are able to offer a more complete range of services than others, from CNC Swiss machining and CNC vertical milling to traditional lathe turning, knurling and threading (both cut and formed). This allows them to provide a single source for all your machining needs. This is particularly helpful when developing products that are unique and require engineering support to develop.

Other advantages of working with a supplier that offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities include greater upfront quoting accuracy, as well as more accurate capacity planning. This is particularly important in today’s world, where markets are volatile and demand for your product is unpredictable. Choosing a supplier that can adapt to changing market conditions and meet your capacity requirements can mean the difference between success and failure in the marketplace.

ISO 9001 certified custom manufacturer of machined components and assemblies for aerospace, automotive, appliance, electrical, medical and military industries. Parts are fabricated from stainless steel, aluminum and other nonferrous metals. Typical capabilities include CNC machining, turning, milling, forming, drilling, pocketing, cutting, reaming, boring, knurling and welding. Secondary operations include deburring, polishing, plating and heat treating. Lean manufacturing and JIT delivery offered.

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