Cat Insurance Quotes – What to Look For in a Cat Insurance Quote

The best cat insurance plans offer peace of mind that you’re ready to pay for the unforeseen expenses of caring for your feline companion. A variety of factors determine your pet’s premium, including reimbursement levels, deductibles, annual limits and coverage for pre-existing conditions. Before you purchase a plan, get online quotes from several providers and compare the policies’ costs and scope of coverage.

Accident-only coverage

Some insurers offer accident-only coverage that reimburses you for vet bills incurred from accidents like torn ligaments, puncture wounds, ingested objects and shattered bones. The cost of this type of plan is generally less than comprehensive coverage, which usually covers everything else.

Illness and wellness coverage

Comprehensive coverage, also called “nose to tail” coverage, generally reimburses you up to a specific limit for vet bills incurred for all medical issues including serious illnesses, hereditary diseases and routine care such as vaccinations and ear cleanings. This type of plan often includes alternative treatments that help your cat recover from injuries and illnesses, such as acupuncture and massage therapy.

Pre-existing conditions

Some pet insurance companies only cover health problems that cropped up after you purchased the policy, while others consider a previous condition to be a pre-existing one for as long as you have the policy. If you buy a new policy or let your old one lapse, the insurer will usually treat all past ailments as pre-existing conditions going forward, even those that you paid for up to the maximum payout limit.

If you’re interested in getting a comprehensive policy, ask about the company’s treatment limits and reimbursement rates for hereditary illnesses such as hip dysplasia, heart disease and eye disorders. It’s also worth asking whether the policy covers hereditary conditions that your cat is predisposed to developing.

Some companies provide flexible payment options to give you more control of your spending, such as paying your veterinarian directly rather than reimbursing you after each claim. And a few companies, such as Many Pets, include a 24/7 Pet Helpline to answer health questions about your pet day or night.

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