Boat Tours to Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana

Flathead Lake is a picturesque body of water that’s part of the Flathead Valley in northwest Montana. This impressive natural wonder is the largest natural freshwater lake by surface area in the entire Western United States.

Its pristine surroundings are home to all sorts of incredible recreational opportunities, from fishing and sailing to camping and swimming. A visit to this gorgeous natural gem is sure to create travel memories that will last a lifetime.

During your next getaway, consider taking a Flathead Lake cruise to explore the scenery from an entirely new perspective. Whether you opt for a brunch or dinner cruise, this charming excursion is the perfect way to discover more of what makes Flathead Lake so special.

The enchanting views from the deck of a cruise ship will take your breath away, as you sail across the glistening waters and admire the stunning mountains and forests that surround this beautiful body of water. You’ll also be able to enjoy the soothing sounds of nature and the gentle waves lapping against the shoreline, creating a relaxing and peaceful experience that you won’t soon forget.

If you want to spend more time on the water, then opt for a boat tour that features a stop at Wild Horse Island. This primitive state park is home to bighorn sheep, full curl rams and trophy mule deer. Visitors can hike the island to see these magnificent creatures or just soak up some sun and savor the stunning landscapes that surround this scenic destination.

Those who have their own boats can enjoy miles of the lake’s crystal-clear waters on a jetski, sailboat or motorboat. The lake is a boater’s paradise with plenty of areas to anchor and dock and it’s a popular destination for those who like to spend the night on the water. There are several public boat launches in the Flathead Lake area and a 16-slip marina at Finley Point on the southeast side of the lake.

This gorgeous lake is also the backdrop for several quaint vacation destinations, from Kalispell to Bigfork. Each of these beautiful towns has something unique to offer, from a variety of restaurants to shopping and fine dining. There are also many quaint lodging options available, including hotels and cabins. If you’re looking to relax and recharge, then a vacation to this lovely region of Montana is the ideal choice for you. Just remember to bring a wetsuit with you when you plan on spending time in the water, as its glacial waters are always cold. boat tours flathead lake

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