Black Tungsten Rings Are Becoming the Next Wave in the Bling Wars

A lot of people nowadays are growing tired of the golden “bling bling” days of the nineties. Even musical artist famous for being covered in gold, platinum and the like, are toning down their once glimmering gold jewelry in favor of more fashionable and stylish necklaces and rings made from alternative materials. Some of the most popular shopping options are the new black tungsten rings being produced by a select group of manufacturers. This exclusive group of ring makers cover a variety of rings that range from black rings to black tungsten wedding bands. The growing popularity of black rings doesn’t reflect a move towards the emotional “dark side,” but rather a move towards a more mature and socially conscious consumer.

Black tungsten rings offer a different way for consumers to shine; the highly polished finish of the black metal gives the wearer a lasting look of art for the hand. The black rings made of tungsten carbide keep their like-new appearance and resist scratches and scuffs – due to the strength and density of the metal. The tungsten carbide metal is so strong that it can only be polished with buffing wheels coated in diamond dust.

Among those looking for a change of pace and the durability that tungsten rings provide, are soon-to-wed couples who are seeing the black tungsten wedding bands as a way to depart from the norm and make their own statement. In a world full of scratchy gold bands, today’s new couples want to meet at the alter with pieces of long lasting art that more adequately projects their own uniqueness and sense of style. tungsten rings wholesale supplier

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