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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a commonly diagnosed mental disorder in many children and adults. In the U.S. alone, about 3% to 5% of school aged children have ADHD. While this disorder may be managed with drugs and other therapies, ADHD can persist to adulthood. If you want more information about this disorder, there are plenty of resources you can find online. Here are some of the best ADHD websites currently active:

There is the official website of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association or ADDA. The site is a great resource for parents and adults. The site offers plenty of information about ADHD and opportunities for networking. If you’re looking for articles on ADHD, simply click on the link and find plenty of articles for coping with ADHD at home and in the workplace. You can also get updated news and information about advances in the treatment of the disorder.

If you want to offer your support for ADHD patients, you can sign up online as a volunteer or start your support group. If you already have a support group, you can also include it on the site’s listing. If you’re a professional, ADDA also has an online directory you can join.

A unique feature of this site is its ‘teleclass’ series, which offers interactive classes through a telephone using a tele-conferencing bridge system. Join people from around the world to learn more about ADHD and how to manage it.

The National Institute of Mental Health provides plenty of information about health problems and mental disorders. There are plenty of current information on the site, most of which include research and studies sponsored by the NIMH. ADHD is just one of the many mental disorders that are included on this site. You’ll find a wealth of information on ADHD, current research, clinical trials, scientific meetings and publications. If you want to know what the government and other private research facilities are doing to further the search for the best way to manage ADHD, this is the site to go to. While the articles are often authored by medical professionals, many are written in layman’s terms and are easy to understand.

Another site on ADD-ADHD, oddly enough, belongs to the Optometrists Network, so it’s not surprising to find articles and news information about the topics of ADHD and vision. In fact, there are articles that examine the link between a certain vision disorder and ADHD. However, as a site for ADHD information, ADD-ADHD offers plenty of resources, including studies and references about the disorder. There is also a link dedicated to the drug Ritalin, which is commonly prescribed for children who have the disorder.

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and resources about ADHD. CHADD has 20 years of history behind it and boasts of more than 16,000 members with 200 chapters in the United States. It also publishes a bi-monthly magazine, Attention! for its members and sponsors annual conferences on ADHD.

You’ll find plenty of resources and information online, along with networking opportunities. Get in touch with other members, find information, ask questions or seek help in understanding ADHD. CHADD also offers conferences and training for many professionals and laymen and also offers ADHD resources from its online store.

Many other sites offer information for both child and adult ADHD. Learn about the latest news and research, along with medications and tests. If you want quick info, click on the FAQ link to learn quick facts about ADHD. The site also offers products such as books and tapes to help you learn more about ADHD and how to manage it.

If you want to learn about natural remedies for ADHD, you can also click on the link provided on the site. Join seminars, meetings, conferences and classes by checking out the site’s calendar of events or find information about ADHD groups and associations. You can also join as a member to receive newsletters and updates.

If you want to educate yourself about ADHD, this is the site to go to. Another website is dedicated to bringing the understanding of ADHD closer to people through articles, eNews, Webcasts and tele-classes, offering plenty of resources for education, networking and support. Find reading materials about ADHD or begin with the basics. The site features a lot of tips and advice on how to manage and cope with ADHD, along with plenty of resources to help you locate professionals, materials and events. vyvanse 40 mg weight loss

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