Best Greek Restaurants in Melbourne

Have you ever wondered why Greek Gods looked so handsome? Well, we think that’s because the Greeks have a taste for good and healthy food. Contemporary Greek cookery makes wide use of vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish, wine and meat. Umm wine and vegetables, probably that’s where the secrets are hidden! So if you want that glow on your face, try eating out at some of the restaurants in Melbourne. We can’t assure you that you would start looking like one of those Gods, but you surely will have a big smile on your face which will make you look invariably beautiful.

Experiment is something that your taste-buds would definitely love and Stalactites Greek Restaurant is the best place to do just that! It’s considered one of the most popular Greek restaurants in Melbourne which is known for its delectable range of food and excellent service. Then we have Gazi, one the rather most interesting Greek restaurants in Melbourne where you can expect some delicious yet light Greek cuisines in an exquisite fine-dine setting. And when you are going crazy to have some authentic dips, octopus, saganaki, calamari and hot pita bread, you would be making a big mistake if you’ve not booked your tables here! Don’t forget to indulge in an inviting orange cake dessert at Salona at Swan Street., one of the which is known for its amazingly warm ambience and friendly service, apart from the traditionally prepared Greek Cuisines that they serve. The bar tables and the outdoor lounges at Bahari The Hellenic Palate is always bubbling with excitement and hence it’s always advisable to book your tables when you’re planning to enjoy a Greek meal here. And when you’ve finally made it there, don’t forget to try the chargrilled octopus; it’s simply mouth-watering, and we bet you would come back to try it again. No wonder why they are considered to be one of the best Greek restaurants in Melbourne. If souvas is on your mind, you would have never encountered a variety of souvas, like the ones that are served at Kalamaki.

1. Stalactites Greek Restaurant
Cuisine: Greek

One of the most popular places in CBD, Melbourne for Greek cuisine, Stalactites is a family business that has been running for the past 38 years. The staff is extremely efficient and even on busy days you can find yourself a seat with their help. Don’t take our word for it, though…

2. Gazi
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean

When patrons wish for great interior decorations in the restaurant and a light meal over fine dining, they head out to Gazi. They simply can’t get enough of the fast food! The service is touted as one of the best and you can sit in the bar while enjoying the sight of the cooks at work, rolling out 1 master… Buy CBD UK

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