Auto Cold Drawing Machine

Auto cold drawing machine is an essential tool for manufacturers and fabricators who work with materials that need to be reshaped. It takes a raw material and reduces it in size while also improving its overall quality. The machine is designed to reshape the end of a tube or wire, making it easier to connect it to other parts. It can also be used to reshape the sides of a rod, giving it a rounder or squarer shape. It is also useful for reducing the diameter of steel wires, as well as other nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum.

During the drawing process, the metal is subjected to intense cold deformation, which changes the shape of the material and creates a cross-section that is different from the original one. The drawing force is higher than the yield strength of the metal, and this helps to prevent the material from breaking. The resulting cross-section can be square, hexagonal, or circular, depending on the shape of the die.

The drawing process can be improved by the use of lubricants, such as mineral oils or synthetic lubricants. The type of lubricant chosen depends on the material being processed and the application. For example, the choice of lubricant for drawing steel can help to improve its hardness, yield, and tensile strength. Moreover, lubricants can be used to control the temperature in the deformation zone, which can lead to a reduction in the energy-power parameters of the drawing process.

In addition to the lubricants, it is necessary to have an appropriate design for the drawing die. The geometry of the die, the half-angle of the drawing die, and the friction coefficient at the metal-wire contact are important factors that influence the energy-power parameters of the drawing process. These factors should be carefully considered when using mathematical models to predict the behavior of the drawing process.

Various types of drawing machines have been invented over the years, with some being more practical than others. Some of these were developed for commercial applications, such as enlarging and copying images. Other were created for entertainment purposes, such as the harmonograph or pendulograph. More recently, artists have been creating their own drawing machines to produce beautiful looped drawings.

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