A Lazy Weekend in Spain

You wake up one morning facing a long weekend with absolutely nothing to do. The first thing to do is pack a bag, grab your passport, head to the airport and catch the first plane to San Javier airport in Murcia, Spain. Once you arrive in Spain you can either take a taxi or hire a car for the weekend, which ever you decide, and head to the little village of Cabo Roig. When you arrive at your destination, stop at one of the estate offices where you can rent a Costa Blanca holiday villas for the weekend. You will be able to get a good deal on the flight and accommodation as it is a last-minute deal.

You are all settled in your villa for a fun weekend and the first thing you do is grab a glass of wine and head for the veranda to watch the last rays of sunshine as they disappear over the horizon. You can’t help but notice the waves as they roll gently into shore; they look as though they have little lights in their crest. Now is when you realize that you are in the right place. It’s September and most of the tourists have gone back home as school has started – so you have the place to yourself. The first thing you do is head over to the Cabo Roig strip where all the bars and restaurants are and ask one of the bartenders where all the action is: you will find that they are a minefield of information. This is just the beginning of your long weekend and you already know where to go and what to do. It’s time to head back to your villa and as you walk along the beach with the moon reflecting off the water you soon realize how beautiful a place this is.

The next morning you are ready to face the day, with coffee in hand you look out over the beautiful beach laid out in front of you and wonder what the day has in store. The first thing is to put your bathing suit on and head for the beach. This is where you will find a rather large array of water sports on offer. You can go scuba diving, banana-boating, surfing or sailing just to name a few sports on offer or you can take a book and lie on the sand while you soak up the last rays of summer sunshine. No matter what you decide to do the most important thing is you are recharging your batteries and relieving all the stress that has built up at work. cabo san lucas boat rental

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