A Guide to Buying a Card Machine

The card machine is a key piece of hardware used to take debit and credit payments from customers. There are a variety of machines on the market and choosing the right one depends on business needs, processes and technology requirements.

From sleek and lightweight mobile devices to powerful and intuitive technology, there’s a wide range of options for your business. While app-only card readers cater to micro-sellers with their simplicity and streamlined functionality, traditional card machines offer business owners value, low costs and full EPOS integration. Our Dojo Go sits somewhere in between – bringing the sleek, lightweight designs of a card reader with a powerful and intuitive interface for business owners to help make transactions easier. From simple refunds to real-time transaction insights and everything in between, Dojo Go gives you the power to run your business smarter, faster.

When shopping for a card payment machine, consider hardware and processing costs, as well as add-ons like barcode scanners, receipt printers and automatic configuration with other systems. You’ll also want to check the flexibility of payment options, including NFC and tap with NFC, EMV chip, magstripe, and off-line capability. And don’t forget to look at security features that guarantee PCI compliance and protection of customer data.

Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, coffee shop or salon, a card machine is an essential tool to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide to understanding card payments, how card machines work and the best options for your business. card machine

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