7 Essential Selling Skills That Make a Salesperson a Top Performer

While every sales person has a unique approach to connecting with customers on an individual basis, there are certain skills that – when coupled together – make for a successful salesperson. According to Rain Group, these seven essential selling skills include:

Salespeople must be able to deliver a solution that addresses a buyer’s problem or enhances their situation. This is a key component of the consultative selling approach that top sellers employ.

Prospecting is an important activity for all sales professionals. It allows them to find new opportunities, and filling the pipeline is one of the major differentiators between Elite and Average performers. Salespeople must be able to generate their own leads and use systems like account maps, referrals and a strong network to find quality prospects.

Managing a sales pipeline is often time-consuming and requires frequent analysis and reporting. Top sellers understand the value of data and are able to use the insights generated by their CRM system to guide the sales process and support decision-making. This is why top sellers are proactive about filling their pipelines and have the systems in place to ensure they do so.

Having great negotiation skills is essential to success in sales. It allows you to effectively communicate the needs of both parties and strike a deal that works for everyone involved. Top sellers know that a good negotiation doesn’t necessarily mean conceding unnecessarily; instead, they find creative solutions that keep buyers satisfied. skill seller

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